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Entry Requirements


To be eligible for Teacher Training you must have the following:


  • A UK Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent as judged by NARIC.

  • At least GCSE Grade 4 or above in the following subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Science or GCSE equivalent.

  • Successful completion of the professional numeracy and literacy skills tests.

Skills Tests


All applicants thinking of applying for a teacher training course will need to take the numeracy and literacy skills tests as part of the selection process. You must ensure you have passed them both before the start of the course.

The skills tests will assess the core skills that teachers need to fulfil their professional role in schools, rather than the subject knowledge needed for teaching. This is to ensure all teachers are competent in numeracy and literacy, regardless of their specialism.


The Anton Andover Alliance are responsible for checking that all trainees meet the current ITT entry requirements for the skills tests, before they start the course.


The skills tests:

  • are in addition to the GCSE grade 4 equivalence entry requirement
  • are set in the context of the professional role of a teacher
  • assess the use of real data and information which teachers are likely to encounter
  • are computerised and can be taken at learndirect skills test approved test centres throughout the UK
  • go through a stringent quality assurance procedure
  • are extensively piloted and the performance of each test is regularly monitored


Getting Started

The first attempt at taking your skills tests in each subject is provided free of charge. You are now able to sit as many resits as required, but you will be expected to pay for these yourself.


Some candidates may be able to request special arrangements such as 25% extra time when registering online for skills tests. For more information regarding special arrangements please visit the Department of Education webpage

When you take the tests you will need to provide proof that you have applied for a teacher training course. The evidence that will be accepted is as follows:

  • A welcome letter from a teacher training organisation
  • Email correspondence from a teacher training organisation
  • A copy of a completed application form
  • Confirmation of, or an invitation to, an interview from a teacher training organisation, training provider or school

When you’re ready, you’ll need to book your tests with learndirect.

You can also view practice material to help prepare for your tests here: